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WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday unleashed vitriol at Republican party establishment, as party leaders either distanced themselves from or abandoned their bellicose standard-bearer after his leaked lewd women comments.

"Disloyal R's (Republicans) are far more difficult than Crooked Hillary. They come at you from all sides," said Trump on Twitter. "They don't know how to win - I will teach them!"

In other posts on Tuesday, Trump called House Speaker Paul Ryan "very weak and ineffective leader" and Senator John McCain "very foul mouthed" who "begged for my support during his primary."

Trump also proclaimed in one post that "shackles have been taken off" him and he could now "fight for Americans the way I want to."

The attacks at his fellow Republicans came at a time when Trump was scrambling to tackle the political fallout of new disclosure of his past lewd comments about women.

In a leaked audio clip recorded in 2005, Trump made lewd remarks about an unidentified married woman he hoped to have sex with, boasted about how easy it is to attract women with his celebrity status and even talked about groping women.

"When you're a star, women let you do anything," he was recorded as saying.

The New York billionaire later apologized for the "locker room banter" in the audio, but claimed that his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, "has said far worse to me on the golf course -- not even close."

However, Trump's bid to shift the focus appeared to have failed as Ryan, the highest-ranking Republican official, and other party leaders, released statements blasting the billionaire.

At least 30 Republican governors and lawmakers, including Senator McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, had so far made clear that they would not vote for Trump.

Though he had so far not rescinded his endorsement of Trump, House Speaker Ryan on Monday told fellow Republican lawmakers in a conference call that he would neither defend nor campaign with Trump.

Vladimir Samsonov (2nd L) of Belarus and Simon Gauzy of France (2nd R) pose during the awarding ceremony after their men's singles final match at 2017 ITTF World Tour Platinum Australia Open in Gold Coast Air Vapormax Shoes , Australia, July 7, 2017. Samsonov won 4-1 to claim the title. (XinhuaZhu Hongye)

China's Qinghai Hoh Xil enters world heritage list as natural site

Chinese aircraft carrier formation arrives in HK, to open for public to visit

Main structure of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge finished

Aircraft carrier "Liaoning" sails near Lamma Island in HK

Tourists visit Int'l Bazar at Urumqi in NW China's Xinjiang

Lotus flowers blossom across China

Hot dog eating contest held in New York

Take closer look at new Beijing-Shanghai overnight sleeper trains

WASHINGTON, July 6 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Thursday issued a permit for the field release of genetically engineered (GE) diamondback moths to see if the new approach can reduce populations of the invasive crop pest.

A final environmental assessment released by the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) concluded the proposed field release would have no significant impacts on the environment and on human health.

The assessment was prepared in response to a 2016 permit application from Anthony Shelton of Cornell University, who seeks authorization for the field release of these GE moths, under both open and caged conditions, on experimental site within the grounds of the Cornell University New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.

The purpose is to assess the feasibility and efficacy of these moths in reducing populations of one of the world's most significant agricultural pests, which causes serious damage to cruciferous crops such as broccoli and cauliflower, costing farmers 4 to 5 billion U.S. dollars annually worldwide.

Originally introduced from Europe in 1854, the pest, about the length of two grains of rice, is well-known for its ability to develop resistance to synthetic and organic insecticide.

The GE moths are engineered with a "self-limiting" gene that prevents their female offspring from reaching adulthood. This reduces the number of females able to reproduce and thus the pest population in the release area shrinks.

These moths also have a fluorescent protein marker that distinguishes them from wild pest moths.

The APHIS said the current application is a revision of an application that was submitted in 2013 by Shelton.

The permit was issued and caged releases were made in 2015, it said. However, the permit was subsequently withdrawn before unrestricted field releases occurred because the agency had not formally notified the public of the release of finding of no significant impact.

Xi, Merkel watch friendly football match between Chinese, German youth teams

China, Germany pledge to take bilateral ties to higher levels

Xi, Merkel launch Panda garden in Berlin zoo

Bullet trains begin to travel from Beijing to Xiong'an New Area

Tourists visit Int'l Bazar at Urumqi in NW China's Xinjiang

Lotus flowers blossom across China

Hot dog eating contest held in New York

Take closer look at new Beijing-Shanghai overnight sleeper trains

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