Newbie from Slovenia

#1 von Powerpig , 17.10.2016 23:46

Hi to all Zoomer lovers,

Sorry for english language but... Ok!
I am Ron from Ljubljana, 42 yrs and can't wait to get my mint '05 Zoomer from Germany! :) This week I hope!
I checked postes in Your Zoomer section and I must say there are some pretty crazy rides! CONGRATS to all awners!

I was Honda car (EG, EK, DC2, AP) fan for almost 15 yrs+ but now I have enough and I want to try Zoomer. Something just for me. :)

I have few questions if I may.

1.) I saw your crazy stretched fatty lowered rides and how did you manage to make them street legal since NCY, Ruckhouse, Theruckshop,... don't have any TUV/ABE/Gutachten/... papers?

2.) Any good store in Germany or Europ with Zoomer aftermarket parts?

Well my first plans are - off wit the plastics, jdm washers, lowered seat frame, rear stretch + shock, stem + handelbar, lowrider frame + foot pegs,...

But I'll open topic anyhow! :)

Ron aka Powerpig

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RE: Newbie from Slovenia

#2 von aloshka07 , 18.10.2016 21:30

hello and welcome :)

so what i did is, i talked with TÜV before i begun my zoomer projekt, he said it would be difficult to make it legal. anyway i began my projekt. i spend many hours to find everything with ABE and Gutachten... found 90% parts with Gutachten and ABE.. the broblem was only the rear strech and stem.
i showed my bike the TÜV and he realy like it, had need to dismount the seat frame so he can look at the rear strech kit, he says that is okay. than i got it street legal.
you need to do a very good and clean work and of course you need a little bit luck with TÜV.

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RE: Newbie from Slovenia

#3 von Youblituff ( gelöscht ) , 21.08.2018 15:31

Hallo, willkommen im Forum



polini cdi gebraucht!!
Servus aus Österreich

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