Upgrading my GPU (via Motherboard GPU)

#1 von Donnieclark , 11.11.2017 14:04

Hello, my friend has GTX 770 Gigabyte and I have Asus 770.
We both play the same games yet he can play any game at ULTRA while his GPU never gets hotter than 60"c".
When I play the same game at LOWEST settings my GPU gets to 80"c" easily.
I checked our rigs in HWmonitor and I noticed that his Motherboard GPU works while his main GPU works as well
is this some kind of SLI ? because it seems like it solves all of his temp problems.
I have Asus Z97-a and i read in his specs it has
- Auto Tuning
- GPU Boost
- TPU switch
Now how can I know if it has built in motherboard, or is there anyway that it could work together with my gtx 770 same as how my friend does?

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