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1) gendik - (9) Gendik - 294-16-7Your NEW NHL 15 ONLINE HUT POWER RANKINGS CHAMPION is Gendik! Thats right, after being in our power rankings from the begininning and making a slow and steady rise to the top, Gendik finally overcame tylerROCKS15 to be our new top dog. Charles Clay Jersey . Gendik is on a tear with a 20 game winning streak and a whopping 67 titles to his name! Congrats gendik, your hard work and perseverance have finally paid off.We have a new King! (HBO)2) tylerROCKS15 - (3) VeeTeam - 358-75-24Our boy, tylerROCKS15 reign has finally come to an end. Hes been racking up the losses lately and it seems as though the online community has caught up to his early dominance. We have faith in tyler though and we know once he figures himself out, hes going to come back stronger and better than ever!3) Byfugelin69 - (4) Byfugelins - 340-40-9If you thought the battle for the top was a two team race youre dead wrong. For the first time ever, we have three possible stars that could be at the top of this list every week. Byfugelin69 just made his debut on our power rankings last week in the number 4 spot and got our up and comer award for the week. Well Byfugelin69 has arrived sooner than we originally anticipated. Hes got the most titles in the world at 73 and continues to tear it up. Three team race ladies and gents! (EA Sports)4) DKZLATAN - (6) KXLButovo - 327-68-30Our Russian friend DKZLATAN has fallen one spot in our rankings, but has nothing to do with how hes playing personally. Rather, Byfugelin69 has been so good that he just snatched the spot away from him. Not sure if DKZLATAN has what it takes to be a top contender yet, but he continues to be great competition for the top guys!5) xtcmonkey - Monkeys - 354-79-14xtcmonkey is the one newcomer in the power rankings this week. He has an outstanding 61 titles and a pretty decent record. Killing it with a 7 game winning streak and all those titles, xtcmonkey has definitely done enough to earn a spot in the rankings.(All statistics accurate as of 12:00 AM ET 29/10/14) Adolphus Washington Jersey .S. Olympic hockey management team have been making what he called "ghost rosters" since August. Zay Jones Jersey . Those who impressed in each of the three events were asked to attend the main CFL Combine which begins Friday in Toronto. . The group of Slava Fetisov, Igor Larionov, Vladimir Konstantinov, Sergei Fedorov, & Slava Kozlov were a dominant force for The Wings at one point in the 90s.NEW YORK -- Baseball clarified the meaning of possession for infielders trying to turn double plays on forceouts, saying on Friday that they must have complete control of the ball but may drop it after intentionally opening their gloves for transfers to their throwing hands. In the first season of expanded instant replay, when infielders have possession while trying to turn double plays has become controversial. Major League Baseball said the interpretation of the Playing Rules Committee was agreed to by MLB, the players association and the umpires union. MLB said that the committee, chaired by New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson, determined "a legal catch has occurred ... if the fielder had compleete control over the ball in his glove, but drops the ball after intentionally opening his glove to make the transfer to his throwing hand. Logan Thomas Jersey. ." "There is no requirement that the fielder successfully remove the ball from his glove in order for it be ruled a catch," the committee said. "If the fielder drops the ball while attempting to remove it to make a throw, the umpires should rule that the ball had been caught, provided that the fielder had secured it in his glove before attempting the transfer." The committee also said "the umpires will continue to use their judgment as to whether the fielder had complete control over the ball before the transfer." Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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