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LONDON ecco shoes clearance , Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- The number of people in Britain using Internet everyday reached 38 million in 2014, 21 million more than in 2006, according to the latest statistics released by the Office for National Statistics on Thursday.

The date shows that about 76 percent of people over the age of 16 using the Internet everyday in the country.

According to the statistics, access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2014, from 24 percent to 58 percent.

Meanwhile, 74 percent of all adults in Britain bought goods or services online, up from 53 percent in 2008. Clothes were the most popular online purchase in 2014, which accounted of 49 percent among the whole online purchase.

Of all adults in Britain, 67 percent are aware of Internet storage space services, but the take up of these services to store data is much lower at 35 percent.

In Britain, 22 million households, about 84 percent, had Internet access in 2014, up from 57 percent in 2006. While in 1998, only 9 percent of households in Britain had Internet access.

And fixed broadband Internet connections were used by 91 percent of households.

The office showed that the main reasons for households not having Internet access in 2014 were because people thought the Internet was not useful and not interesting, while some people were lack of skills and others thought the equipment costs too high.

Statistics show an increasing number of people over the age of 65 have used the Internet everyday. The frequency of computer use by people above 65 in 2014 is 42 percent, but the number in 2006 was only 9 percent.

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