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Female Stimulation Tip - Afterglow Tips for the Clueless Lover

Author: Gabrielle Moore

All too often Cheap David Andrews Jersey , men think that they're not approaching lovemaking right that's why their lovers are not in the mood for sex. But have you given a thought that maybe it's because of how you ended the precious lovemaking session? Afterglow is very important to women and if you don't get this one right, it sort of reduces our desire to engage in sex the next time.

What's Afterglow Anyway?

Most guys don't have any idea about the term "afterglow" and probably think it's an old soft-porn movie from the 80's. This is definitely something you need to know if you want to impress your sweetheart. Becoming a little more sensitive to the things that get her excited will help if you wish to become the stud you've always hoped you were for her.

Afterglow is an experience that happens to a girl immediately after she has had sex and there are certain things you can do that will help to bring this experience on for her. Afterglow is sort of like a very relaxed, magical feeling that a girl gets. She feels like she is floating in a heavenly light and the whole world just seems to melt around her as stars fill her eyes and she smiles contentedly in pure satisfaction.

During this period Cheap Chris Hogan Jersey , some girls even see colors, hear music or tell about an inner "humming sound" that they hear as if they were listening to the voices of angels. Other girls just talk about waves of emotion that they feel right after sex but most of us have all felt this deeper sense of intimacy with our men after they have created this experience for us.

Once you create this experience for your woman, you've pretty much got her wrapped around your finger. She won't ever forget you and she'll always wonder if you will be able to do that magical thing you did to her again... and thus look forward to the next time you gusy make love.

How to Bring on Great Afterglow Moments

There are actually a good number of techniques that a guy can use to bring about the experience of afterglow in his sweetie. Often this will happen when he least expects it but there are also some techniques that can help to bring it on.

The first of these sometimes happens by accident when a guy and a girl have been enjoying some pretty wild sex and the whole thing ends with the two of them somehow at opposite ends of the bed and staring up at the ceiling with each others feet right next to their heads! Exhausted and completely satisfied Cheap Shaq Mason Jersey , they lay there with each other's feet in their hands and enjoy the moment of total relaxation and afterglow.

A couple can even arrange this odd position after they have finished their love making and it is often referred to as the "Toes to the Third Eye" position in Tantric sex. Ancient Hindu masters believed that a couple could arouse the energy of afterglow by creating a circle between their two bodies which ends at the feet and begins again at the head and hands. Lay at opposite ends of the bed with your sweetie and caress her feet after she has just enjoyed a great orgasm and you will surely create the feeling of afterglow in her heart.

Whatever you do, do NOT just let go and face the other way in bed. This is seen by us women as "abandonment" and will not bode well for you.

Instead, be sure you cuddle closely together after making love. Hug her Cheap Kyle Van Noy Jersey , kiss the top of her head or kiss her softly and tell her sweet nothings. These are the moments women live for to be assured that it was not just `sex' (physical, lust) but `making love' (connecting together).

During afterglow, you may even continue stroking or petting her breasts or even her genital area. This helps to SLOWLY bring down the level of arousal instead of just reaching a clamix and then... nothing.

Guys Can Experience Afterglow Too

It may not sound like such a manly thing but most guys experience this at some time or another and the sensitive guys really love it. After you've had sex Cheap Mike Gillislee Jersey , it's very likely that you are also going to experience euphoria. This euphoric, happy feeling is just a guy's version of afterglow. Girls tend to need more encouragement and comfort before they will feel it and increased intimacy from your end will definitely help.

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