Jaguars vs. Falcons: 9 players who stood out in 17-6 win

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The Jacksonville Jaguars won Week 3 preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons that saw a lot of production on offense , a lot of bend-but-don’t-break performances out of the defense, and... well... I’m still not satisfied.You know why. I know why. Everyone knows why. Two words: Blake Bortles.Who stood out the most on Saturday evening? Let’s see:1. Blake BortlesOkay, you knew it was coming. Let’s talk about it. Blake’s accuracy (73.9 completion percentage) and yards per attempt (8.9) looked great.His two interceptions... did not.It’s Week 3 in the preseason. Sure, Blake looked awful last year during the preseason and then turned it up to not-that-bad in the regular season — the coaching staff, front office, and fans were expecting more. Tonight was bad. He had some great throws, but those two interceptions were drive killers.With the 405 total yards offensive production that the starters put up, the final score should have been something along the lines of 35-6. Instead, if you transpose Blake’s performance over the rest of the game after he was benched, this is likely a game that’s within three points when the final whistle blows.2. Corey GrantWhat a freaking weapon. Somehow, he’s been under utilized this preseason and he still 71 yards on nine touches. He is going to be a very important part of this offense this country and I’m excited about it.3. Jalen RamseyHe was only targeted twice (by my count, I could be wrong) and allowed just one catch, although if not for a Calvin Ridley drop he would have had two catches allowed. Ramsey is showing no signs of slowing down, despite missing the beginning of camp.4. Malik JacksonFrom the opening drive sack to the additional three tackles he made in short duty, Jackson will get All-Pro votes this year if he can play in the regular season like he did in the preseason.5. Taven BryanIn limited snaps, he showed exactly why he was worth a first round pick. He’s an incredible athlete who bullied the Falcons offensive line. What he needs to work on is his closing and his technique. When he gets that down Youth A. J. Cann Jersey , he’ll be a monster. Hell, he tipped a pass attempt and he was being double teamed at the time. That penalty at the end of the game? He was blocked into the quarterback.6. Andrew NorwellAll night, Norwell just wanted to bully people. In his debut, Norwell opened the hole for Leonard Fournette’s 21-yard touchdown and aside from a dreadful play where he allowed a sack on second down, he played really, really well.7. Leonard FournetteI have literally never seen this sort of vision and cutback from Fournette before.8. Jarrod WilsonI think his performance tonight helps him make the 53-man roster. His pass breakup on a sure touchdown in relief of an injured Tashaun Gipson was outstanding, not to mention a sack in the fourth quarter and three tackles.9. Cody KesslerABSOLUTE GRIT TOUCHDOWN.Jaguars offense showed some interesting concepts Week 1 Let’s start with Week 1 versus the New York Giants. Blake Bortles played well, even though his passer rating ended with a 67%, and it’s mostly because the run game was very effective. In Week 1 there was only one run that was a tackle for a loss. Just one. The Jaguars game plan was to run the ball a lot against the Giants and they did, 28 times. Even with all of those runs, I was able to find a couple really good snaps showing Blake really paying attention to the cornerbacks and getting some great looks downfield.Blake wanted to punch the Giants in the mouth early, so when he noticed single-high safety with Jenoris Jenkins (5’10”) man-to-man on Keelan Cole (6’1”) he took the shot. Cole ran a perfect route and Jenkins broke the number one rule as a safety; you never let the receiver beat you to the inside and Keelan simply pulled him out and ran the streak.On the next drive Blake does a great job reading pass on an RPO (run pass option) play call just outside the redzone. Everyone on the team is reading the linebackers you can see it from a mile away. Both backers step up and Blake makes a great quick throw to Keelan Cole making it 2nd & shortTwo plays later Blake decides to take it into the endzone. Blake sees man-to-man and Seferian-Jenkins with a mismatch (linebacker instead of a safety) and Blake knows his wide out is going to hold his defender in and he drops it in the perfect pocket. Unfortunately, this was brought back because of a false start on Cam Robinson.Also a great read and throw by Blake here. Dede is going to be single covered on a Nickel corner and the help is blitzing with single high over the top. This is a perfect RPO. Read the end. If he comes hard then he pulls it back and runs outside. if the end is waiting for the play to develop, then he lets the RB keep it.All of my breakdowns are edited with @klipdraw an easy to use telestration software and @Nacsport my video analysis software. Contact me for more information or to get a free trial.


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