suffering from minor burns,

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Almost 300 people remain unaccounted for after a ferry sank off the coast of South Korea.

Two people have been confirmed dead so far, including a teenager.

The South Korean Coastguard says 180 people have been rescued and 295 remain unaccounted for.

The ferry, with 477 people and 150 vehicles on board, was sailing to the southern island of Jeju when it sent a distress call at 9am local time (1am UK time) on Wednesday morning as it began listing to one side.

Soon afterwards it had completely capsized Leonard Williams Youth Jersey , with only the front part of its hull visible above the water.

The South Korean government says 95% of the ferry is now submerged.

There is no indication yet what has caused the ship to list and roll on its side, but one witness told YTN television there had been a "loud impact and noise" before it began sinking.

The 325 students on board are from a high school in Ansan city near Seoul and were on their way to the island for a four-day trip, according to a relief team set up by Gyeonggi Province.

One student, Lim Hyung-min Jordan Jenkins Youth Jersey , told YTN from a gym on a nearby island he jumped into the ocean wearing a life jacket with other students and then swam to a rescue boat.

"As the ferry was shaking and tilting, we all tripped and bumped into each another," he said, adding some people were bleeding.

He said the ocean "was so cold ... I was hurrying Darron Lee Youth Jersey , thinking that I wanted to live."

The ship left Incheon port, just west of Seoul, on Tuesday evening, according to the state-run Busan Regional Maritime Affairs And Port Administration.

It entered difficulties about 60 miles (100km) south of the Korean peninsula.

A total of 18 helicopters and 34 rescue boats have been sent to the area.

Passenger Kim Seong-mok told YTN he was "certain" people were trapped inside as water quickly filled up inside and the severe tilt of the ferry prevented them from getting out.

Some people yelled at those who could not get out Jamal Adams Youth Jersey , urging them to break windows, he said.

Kim said he felt the ferry tilt and heard it crash into something. The ferry operator made an announcement asking passengers to wait and not move.

One of the dead was found inside the sinking ferry, while the other died soon after arriving at the Mokpo Hankook hospital on the mainland.

Two people are also suffering from minor burns, according to Chang-Kyung-hak Nathan Shepherd Youth Jersey , a crew member on a ship sent to help.

He added his vessel was carrying dozens of people and most of them were in a goo. Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Jerseys From China Jerseys From China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Online NHL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale

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